Workflow Automation: Investment Delivers Top Value

Two-thirds of print service providers consider workflow automation a top investment priority PrinergyConnectBoxshotsimply because it enables them to better service customers and increases customer satisfaction. Today, customers typically want more speed and less cost, whether it’s 100 business cards or a half-dozen editions of 1,000 books each in different page dimensions—by tomorrow—from facilities on three continents.

For smaller providers, the growth of short-run jobs that comes about from increased demands for segmentation, direct mail personalization, and localized packaging presents challenges in achieving economies of scale. Automation makes short runs more practical, easier to manage, and efficient to produce through ganging. It also enables multi-facility operations, including international firms, to coordinate operations in complex projects. Linking multiple capabilities through hub-and-spoke structures—even in multiple locations and in mixes of web, sheet-fed, and digital lines—automation delivers consistency and efficiency.

Automation helps contain costs by reducing manual operations and introducing process improvements across the enterprise, increasing profit and enabling growth. Each operator touch adds cost, especially in template-driven jobs where Rules Based Automation (RBA) is designed to leverage savings. Reducing the number of touches enables providers to handle short-run jobs efficiently and frees staff for other beneficial functions such as cross-training, improving finishing and back-office efficiencies, prospect research and sales. (more…)