Phoenix Media Group Installs First KODAK PROSPER 6000 in China

Prosper 6000 largeDigital transformation continues as Phoenix leads China’s Print on Demand Market

Phoenix Publishing and Media Group (PPMG) is one of the leading publishing conglomerates in China. Over the past few years, Kodak has helped Phoenix transform into a digital operation that is better equipped to manage its vast book inventory, while also creating the capability for print-on-demand services. The integration of Kodak’s PROSPER 1000 System was the first step the company took to grow its short-run book printing operations through a Print on Demand (POD) capability.

With the POD line in full operation since November 2011, PPMG has successfully signed up more than 40 major publishers, with the capability to produce over 20,000 books a day. The company is able to commit to an average delivery time between 2-3 days. With this proven track record of success, Phoenix announced at All in Print in Shanghai, China that it is expanding its digital capabilities with the purchase of Kodak’s PROSPER 6000P System, making it the first installation in China.

Li Xue, Vice President of Phoenix Publishing & Media Group, commented: Printing digitalization and digital printing are the cornerstones of Phoenix growth strategy. During the past 3 years, Phoenix Group has excelled at POD and we continue to drive the market’s growth. The investment in the Prosper 6000 is designed to meet the increasing demand from our customers and is part of our Group’s strategic growth plans as we look to expand our on-demand print capabilities. By embracing digital, we have experienced rapid growth in our POD business and The PROSPER 6000 is a cutting-edge solution that is helping us thrive in China’s fast-changing printing market. (more…)

Prosper6000 Ribbon Cutting at the Customer VIP Open House

Close to 90 people attended the Prosper 6000 Customer VIP event in Minneapolis Minnesota and they were treated to an exciting program and unveiling of the new press from Kodak.  Customers and prospective customers from around the world arrived on Tuesday June 17th and connected with their sales teams. The sales team members had just spent the previous day in a deep dive Prosper6000 training event.  23 companies participated with 30% from EAMER, 22% from APR and 48% from the USC region.  The following day involved a formal program and then a trip to our beta customer Japs-Olson.  The team at Japs-Olson were gracious hosts and provided their thoughts and perspective on the press, the workflow/pre-press decisions that are considered in their business as well as overviewed their thoughts about the operational costs and issues that they have needed to work through.   

ribbonThe ribbon cutting ceremony included Michael Murphy, Robert Murphy, Mike Beddor, Doug Edwards, Terry Taber, John O’Grady, and Eric Owen.

The feedback from the event has been tremendous – one customer shared the following via an email when he returned home.  “The 6000 press and the inline inkjet heads I saw at Japs-Olson were very impressive and have certainly provided us with a lot to contemplate and to work through and we look forward to doing that with your local teams over the coming months.”

The ribbon cutting is the culmination of many years of hard work by our R&D, technical commercialization teams, service and many-many others.  Thanks to everyone who enabled us to get to this day!

KODAK PROSPER 6000 Presses Unleash the Next-Generation of Printing to Meet Diverse Customer Needs

Prosper 6000 largeROCHESTER, N.Y., JUN. 10 — Today Kodak continues to exceed industry standards in digital
color print with the introduction of the KODAK PROSPER 6000 Presses. With new innovations in
transport, drying, and writing systems, combined with advanced press management technology, the PROSPER 6000 Presses are a completely new product offering that deliver high levels of reliability, print speed and application flexibility. These enhancements will empower customers in the book, commercial print and newspaper businesses as well as print service providers of data-driven print applications such as direct mail and transaction with tools for success.

The PROSPER 6000 Presses are powered by an advanced Intelligent Print System (IPS) that
continuously monitors, evaluates and adjusts operations to ensure exceptional quality output.
With the improved IPS, the PROSPER 6000 Presses can monitor and instantly correct color
registration, delivering enhanced registration performance. The 6000 Press’s writing system
runs on Kodak’s newly formulated nanotechnology inks, offering a greater color gamut and
delivering print quality that rivals offset output on a wide range of uncoated, coated, and glossy

Two PROSPER 6000 Models for Business Agility
The PROSPER 6000 Presses will be made available in two models:

  • KODAK PROSPER 6000C Press, ideal for commercial print applications requiring high-ink

laydowns. (more…)