Do You Worry about Rising Energy Costs?

In business there are small ways to save on electricity and there are big ways. Saving electricity is important not only for reducing costs but for becoming more sustainable. We developed the infographic below to highlight the energy that printers use to make plates. You may not think about how much energy your plate making equipment uses, but it’s worth noting that ovens to bake plates use a lot of energy, and a large plate processor will use more energy than a small plate processor.

Sonora_Energy_InfographicKodak is committed to developing solutions to help printers reduce their energy costs. For instance, KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates go straight from the imager to the press, skipping the processing step entirely, which means no processing equipment and therefore no energy needed to run that equipment. That can make a big difference!

We estimate that in the next year alone, the commercial print industry could save up to 100 million kWh of energy because of SONORA Plates.

The number of printers that have switched to SONORA Plates is astounding. To keep up with the demand, we recently announced that we’re adding a new line dedicated to SONORA Plate production for the Americas in our Columbus, Georgia, plant, and we’ve added capacity in Osterode, Germany for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and in Xiamen, China, for the Asia-Pacific region.

Kodak has solutions that can reduce energy usage while imaging plates as well. Do you have an older CTP device? It might be time for an upgrade. Some newer KODAK Platesetter models have power save features such as automatic shutoff during idle times or remote on/off functionality, and the KODAK ACHIEVE Platesetter, our latest platesetter offering, uses only 0.7 kWh when imaging and 0.48 kWh in standby mode. That’s about as much as a vacuum cleaner and a television set, respectively.

Just as it’s important to move to the latest energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs at home to save energy, businesses need to look at the latest solutions that can reduce energy usage. Making a change could make a big difference in that monthly utility bill.

For a look at how SONORA Plates can also reduce your water costs, see this previous blog post and infographic.