China’s CEPIEC Inaugurates Kodak PROSPER

CEPIECCEPIEC, which was established in 1987 by the  by the Ministry of Education, is one of the largest importers and exporters of publications in China. The company’s customers cover universities, research institutions, public libraries, hospitals, corporations and government organizations in over 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China.

With an eye to modernizing their operations, including adding print-on-demand capabilities for its customers, CEPIEC recently purchase a KODAK 1000 PROSPER PRESS.  We’re very excited for their team, as they continue to break new boundaries in the marketplace. 

CEPEIC inaugurates Kodak's PROSPER 1000 Press, opening up a range of new applications, like Print-on-Demand books.

CEPIEC inaugurates Kodak’s PROSPER 1000 Press, opening up a range of new applications, like Print-on-Demand books.


Kodak plans to open technology training center in China

Kodak CEO Antonio Perez visited China this week to meet with customers, talk with business leaders at an AMCHAM China event and to announce plans to open The Kodak Regional Technology Centre in Shanghai. In an interview with Bloomberg, Antonio notes that demand for digital printing is increasing as companies in China are looking to transition into more dynamic business models.

As the second largest printing market in the world, Kodak is working with the industry to integrate new technologies that are transforming the publishing and packaging printing markets. The Centre, which is expected to open in the first-half of 2014, will showcase the latest developments in commercial printing technology, provide training  to customers and partners, and demonstrate innovative new business applications.  Our aim is to make this new Technology Centre a tremendous resource for our customers to learn about winning new applications and develop strategies to grow their businesses in China and across the Asia-Pacific region.

China’s pharmaceutical packaging regulations bring new opportunities for Jinan Hongjinlong

Jinan Hongjinlong has been producing pharamaceutical packaging for 15 years. With new requirements from the government, Jinan Hongjinlong needed to integrate security and tracking features onto their existing packaging. The Kodak Versamark D Series imprinting systems delivers the speed, quality and small font/point size needed for the security and barcoding features.