Veepee Arts Opens New Customer Opportunities with Flexcel NX

Bangalore’s VEEPEE ARTS, a family run business for over 50 years and a pioneer in India’s printing industry, has chosen Kodak’s Flexcel NX to serve the evolving flexographic print application needs of its customers, including label printing, corrugation and board printing. VeePee Arts’ Jai Prakash, said, “The Kodak Flexcel NX System offers us the distinct advantage of true “flat-top dots” – a standard that the industry increasingly desires. Kodak SquareSpot imaging technology powers the advantage of producing very high-quality imaging. Not only does it boost the final output, but also leads to a faster plate-making process.”

Here are a few other reasons printers like Veepee Arts choose Flexcel NX:

Key Reasons Printers Choose Flexcel NX