Hankook Daily and Segye Times (South Korea)

South Korea’s Hankook Daily and Segye Times reduce ink costs and deliver superior quality to advertising clients
Hankook Daily and Segye Times are top of South Korea’s leading daily newspapers. As they looked to drive down the cost of ink across their operations to improve the bottom line, they also looked to deliver a superior print quality to their advertising client’s campaigns.


Hankook Daily and Segye Times integrated Kodak’s STACCATO Screening system into their pre-press production process, resulting in 15% savings in ink costs.


• STACCATO Screening is rendered, screened, and imaged at full engine speed, with no effect on RIPing or rendering time
• Suitable for a wide range of applications — Can be used on fine paper, uncoated stock, recycled paper, newsprint, carton board, plastics and metals
• Easy, color-accurate proofing