Chengdu B-ray Printing (China)

Leveraging Kodak’s Sonora Process Free Plates, Chengdu B-ray Printing Improves Platemaking Process
The printing plant of Chengdu B-ray Media was established in 2000, focusing on the printing businesses of Chengdu Media Group’s publications, Chengdu and Sichuan government publications, national newspapers, supermarket and online shopping DM, and the organization promotional materials.

Business Demand

The core business of B-ray Printing is newspaper printing. With 13 newspaper printing production lines and 25 printing towers, the printing plant is able to print 1290,000 8-page duplex color newspapers or 1610,000 8-page duplex 2-color newspapers per hour. It is the leading printer in the Southwest of China.

In September 2014, B-ray Printing started using Sonora Process Free Plates after test. Furthermore, it used the plates in large scale in March 2015. The prominent feature of Sonora Process Free Plates is sustainability. In just two years after the Sonora Process Free Plate debuted at China Print 2013 in Chinese market, it attracted more than 1,000 customers, highlighting the powerful performances.


Kodak Sonora XP Process Free Plates offer the productivity, quality, and print capability of mainstream plates, but without processors or chemistry, therefore reducing both a printer’s operational costs and environmental impact while providing process control and increasing efficiency in plate making.


In almost all cases, the Kodak Sonora Process Free Plates are print ready within the first 5-10 copies: after exposed, the plates are able to go to press directly (develop on press), without the need of washing on processors. During the startup of the press, the absorption of the fountain solution prepares the un-imaged coating to be physically removed by the tack and shear of the ink. This enables a successful transfer of the coating from the plate to the blanket, and the coating is then carried out of the press, eliminating the press contaminating issues.

As a social responsible enterprise in Chengdu, B-ray Printing attaches great importance to the environmental protection. Sonora Process Free Plates exactly meet the demands of B-ray Printing. “The Sonora Process Free Plates eliminate the developer, creating an energy-saving and environment-friendly production process,” said Ye Jian, Director, Offset Printing, B-ray Printing.

According to Liu Jun, Plate-making Director of B-ray Printing, because Sonora Process Free Plate doesn’t need processing, the developer is eliminated. In addition, no oven is needed, saving energy and reducing the platemaking time and floor space. In another words, Sonora Process Free Plate helps B-ray Printing reduce costs.

In addition to the improvement in platemaking, the Sonora Process Free Plates help to promote the printing performance on press. The result of Sonora Process Free Plates matches the mainstream plates during a half year’s test run, said Li Haibo, Vice Team Leader, Full Commercial Press Line, Printing Plant, Chengdu B-ray. Furthermore, Li said Sonora Process Free Plates’ sustainability is the future of the industry. B-ray Printing is looking forward to fully implement Sonora Process Free Plates to reduce environmental footprint.

It is expected that increasing printers will use Sonora Process Free Plates to improve the top and bottom line. Sonora Process Free Plates are better for your business and the planet.