Beijing Shengtong(China)

Kodak Sonora Plates helped on Immediate Improvements with Consistent Color Reproduction, Less Environmental Impact, as well as Time and Money Savings
Beijing Shengtong Printing Co ., founded in 2000, serves customers in the book, journal, and pharmaceutical packaging markets in China and Europe. The company impressed judges with its end-to-end sustainable approach that includes green initiatives throughout its material procurement and production systems, along with its notable list of certifications.


Beijing Shengtong Printing Co. and Kodak have a long-time working relationship and in addition to the KODAK SONORA Plates, the company also uses KODAK PRINERGY Workflow, KODAK TRENDSETTER and MAGNUS Platesetters, among other KODAK Technologies.


• Increases productivity with fast imaging and the removal of the processing step, while maintaining excellent print quality.
• Reduce costs and increase sustainability through elimination of all chemistry, water, equipment and energy in the plate making process.
• By using Kodak Sonora plate, Shengtong eliminates  processors.