China Youth Daily (China)

Kodak Sonora Process Free Plates delivering cost savings and sustainable business practices to China Youth Daily.
中青报印刷厂是国内最大的报纸印刷企业之一,承担着50多种不同类别的报纸的印制工作,也是国内最具有技术改革精神的印刷企业之一。中国青年报印刷厂是国内第一个使用CTP制版的报业印刷企业,也是国内首次购置低醇轮转印刷设备的报业印刷企业。为了达到北京市生产“0”排放的要求,2014年初,中国青年报印刷厂开始测试使用柯达腾格里免冲洗版材,凭借自身对印刷技术工艺及耗材的改善,走出一条特色的环保之路。China Youth Daily Printing Plant is a leading newspaper printer in China with more than 50 newspapers printing capability and innovative technologies. It is the first to use CTP for platemaking in the newspaper industry in China. In addition, it is the first newspaper printer in China to purchase low-alcohol web press. In early 2014, China Youth Daily Printing Plant leverage the Kodak Sonora Process Free Plates to comply with the Beijing government’s demand on “Zero” emission. With the advanced technology and consumables, China Youth Daily Printing Plant is on the way of sustainability.。

解决方案 Solution

Kodak Sonora Process Free Plates, directly develop on press after CTP imaging.

价值 Value Proposition

• 场地的节约:而腾格里版材的制版只需要CTP设备,全面使用后,冲版机的生产空间将可有效的节省出来。
• 水资源的节约:不需要冲版,也就不再需要水,零污染,零排放的目标变成了现实。 • 电能的节约:除了无需冲版机对电能的节省,对车间恒温恒湿控制的负荷也变小,带来双重的电能节省。
• 高稳定性的质量:可输出1%至99%网点面积率、200线、20μ的调频网 。

• Smaller footprint: only CTP is needed to image Sonora Process Free Plates. If the full production line uses the Sonora plates, the footprint of processors can be saved;
• Save water resource: no processing means no water and zero pollution. The “Zero” emission goal is feasible;
• Save energy: elimination of processor means the power saving. In addition, the temperature and humidity control need is reduced, further saving energy;
• Consistent quality: output 1 to 99% dot area, with 200 lpi or 20μFM screening capability