Digitalpress (Australia)

Kodak NexPress delivers true digital and highly versatile solutions to Digitalpress
DigitalPress was formed in 2008 and they are a very innovative digital printing company. After 15 years of owning an offset printing business Digitalpress decided to change and go into digital. They chose Kodak NexPress because it is a true printing and a highly versatile press. Having that fifth unit which they call the magic unit is just unbelievable. The things that you can do with it are incredible.


The company has integrated a Kodak NexPress to facilitate and expand into real digital market, with wide range of printing applications by leveraging the Kodak powerful 5th imaging unit capabilities.


•Matt fuser and clear dry ink technology raised the bar in digital print.
•Match PMS colours very easily which is ideal for corporate branding.
•Introduction of the Nexpress gold dry ink and customers love it.
•The ability to be able to produce 6 page A4s and A4 landscape booklets has been an advantage.