PrintWeek: An interview with Kodak CEO Antonio Perez

Kodak’s CEO Antonio Perez had the opportunity to sit down last week with PrintWeek Magazine to talk in-depth about the challenges and great opportunities that lie ahead for Kodak.

You can read the full article online at PrintWeek, but here’s a key statement from our CEO that stands out, in reference to a question about the road out of Chapter 11:

“I can’t even tell you the amount of calls I got from CEOs asking what was going on because the press has presented this (Chapter 11) like it was the demise of Kodak, which was wrong to do.

The best arguments I can give you that it has not effected the brand are two-fold. One is suppliers. Suppliers normally shy away from companies that are in Chapter 11 and they don’t want to serve them or they ask the companies to pay them upfront. But that didn’t happen to us. We are paying basically very close to the same terms as before we filed.

The second is customers – we saw at the beginning that for big deals, customers requested to talk to me, which sometime they used to [before Chapter 11] but most of the time they didn’t. So for the first few months they wanted to talk to me and make sure we were going to be around. But after we showed at Drupa these 10 incredible introductions – as well as the 40 other booths with our technology – that kind of disappeared. People could see that it was business as usual and we haven’t seen any issues since.”