Vivar Printing, A Leading Voice for Sustainable Printing in Malaysia

It’s no surprise why Malaysia’s VIVAR Printing took home the coveted KODAK Sonora Green Leaf Award. The award, which recognizes printers from around the world whose products, services and operations set an example for sound operational initiatives that reduce their environmental impact, exemplifies VIVAR.

“For VIVAR, our focus on sustainability comes from the heart. It permeates our operations and has been at the center of our continuous efforts to improve how we operate,” said Mr. Cheong Kok Wai, Managing Director of Vivar Printing.

VIVAR print’s modern plant specializes in all types of book printing, binding, finishing and logistical fulfillment.  In the pressroom, they use vegetable-based inks, alcohol-free solvents, and sustainably sourced recycled materials, and they also re-use printed papers up to five cycles during the early stages of make-ready, saving tons of paper every quarter.

The company also uses Kodak’s SONORA Process Free Plates, which they switched to several years ago and have not looked back. “When we invest in new technology, an important part of our evaluation is how will it help advance our mission to improve our sustainability. The integration of SONORA into our pre-press operation has meant that we have not only eliminated our processor, and all the chemical wasted associated with the machine, but we are running a leaner more efficient plate making process. That’s good for our business, our customers, and the environment,” commented Mr. Cheong Kok Wai, Managing Director of Vivar Printing.

For Vivar, an operation that run’s over 1,000 plates a day and uses KODAK’s CTP technology, the combined savings from reductions in energy use, processing and automation make a real impact. “Kodak’s CTP technology reproduces one of the best dots we’ve seen. Its reliability is outstanding and with fewer remakes, less time adjusting for variables, and high-resolution printing, we have optimized our operations and the quality we deliver for each customer job,” said by Mr. Gan Hwa Kok, General Manager of Pre-Press in Vivar Printing.

While VIVAR has made great strides over the years to become a more sustainable printer, they have also taken on the role of advocate in Malaysia’s print community. The company actively participates in various national environmental programs including the Malaysian Nature Society, ECOKNIGHTS, and Malaysian Eco NGO’s (MENGO). As a member of Malaysia’s Printing Association, VIVAR actively shares best practices in sustainable printing with industry peers, a role the company relishes. “Fostering discussions within our industry about sustainable printing is just the right thing to do. We hope our efforts to share our knowledge and experience encourages more printers to consider adopting more sustainable printing practices.” said Mr. Cheong Kok Wai, Managing Director of Vivar Printing.

Sustainable printing has been good business for VIVAR. It’s opened new conversations with customers, especially those that prioritize the environment as an essential part of their corporate values. “In the beginning, customers were leading the way; now it’s just a part of our normal process. We regularly offer customer’s different options to produce their jobs in a way that reduces their impact on the environment, while at the same time creating cost savings. It’s helping us win business in some cases,” commented Mr. Gan Hwa Kok, General Manager of Pre-Press in Vivar Printing.