Malaysia’s Superior Press’ Focus on Sustainability Translates into Business Success

Malaysia’s Superior Press, a Kodak customer for over 20 years, was recently recognized for its achievements in sustainable printing practices, taking home the Eco Green Award at the Malaysia Print Awards show. It’s an achievement that is backed by the company’s focus on green printing.

The company’s director, Peter Chan, helped to put Superior Press on the path to sustainability when printers in the market were just beginning to turn their attention to this practice. “To compete in a very competitive market the business must be efficiently managed. And one area that we saw as providing a big return in terms of cost controls, while also putting our operation onto a greener path, was in the way we managed waste from our operations.”

In the early stages, Superior Press targeted its pre-press operations by upgrading to CTP technology, which helped them begin to save money on the cost of color and film separation. Chan reflected on those early days: “At that early stage, we knew it was vital for us to counter the rising cost of waste management with more efficient technology. Ever since our mindset has always focused on technology investments that will help move our business further along the path of sustainability while also improving the level of service we provide to our customers.”

That’s a big reason why the company decided to upgrade their pre-press operation with the installation of a Kodak TRENDSETTER Platesetter and SONORA XP Plates. The combination has enabled Superior Press to increase its productivity, while also further reducing its impact on the environment.

Chan commented: “The use of SONORA plates and our TRENDSETTER has increased our productivity by 10% per shift, and we’re now saving about 200 liters of chemical waste a week. For our customers, this means we can get to press faster with high-quality plates that are turning out excellent printed work for the wide range of jobs we handle every day.”

Superior Press’ sustainability practices are not just helping the company become a greener printer. It has also helped them attract new clients, according to Chan. “Because our sustainability practices are aligned with the policies with the larger corporations in our market, we see more opportunities from this group. They recognize that we not only produce high-quality work, but we are dedicated to managing an ecofriendly production environment.”