Kodak SONORA Process Free Plates Receive Environmental Labeling Type II recognition in China

China Environmental Labelling
China, 23 October 2015 – Kodak announced today that its family of SONORA Process Free Plates – SONORA XP Process Free Plates and SONORA NEWS Process Free Plates – received Environmental Labeling Type II recognition from China’s Central United Certification Center. The certification program, based on standards endorsed by China’s National Environmental Protection Bureau, recognizes SONORA’s ability to improve the sustainability of the printing industry.

SONORA Plates, designed for commercial printers of all sizes, as well as large web publication printers, offer a commercially sound and environmentally improved solution for printing a wide range of applications. With SONORA, printers can increase productivity, simplify operations, and lower costs by reducing steps in the plate making process. At the same time, the plates eliminate the need for processing, and reduce energy and natural resource consumption. These key attributes create a solution that provides equally important economic and environmental benefits for the commercial printing market.

For example, a typical processor weighs 735 kg, measures 1.3 x 3.5 meters, and uses 2,398 liters of chemistry, 40,000 liters of water and 5,523 kW of electricity annually. With the implementation of SONORA Plates, all costs and environmental impacts associated with the life cycle of the processing equipment are eliminated.

Kodak’s Loïs Lebegue, Managing Director of the Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa (ALMA) region, said that the eco-labeling is a testament to Kodak’s commitment to sustainability. “SONORA is playing an important role in helping commercial printers in China reduce their environmental footprint while improving their bottom line. Printers here are embracing the product because it delivers a clear and immediate benefit to the sustainability of their operations.”Since the announcement of its 1,000th SONORA Process Free Plate customer in July 2014, Kodak’s SONORA customer base has grown dramatically. There are now more than 3,000 customers using SONORA Plates and strong global growth is projected to continue. To support customer demand, Kodak has continued to expand manufacturing capacity for the product at its facilities in Xiamen, China and Columbus, Georgia.

About China Environmental Labeling

The China Environmental Labeling system was established in 2003 and is the only organization certified by the governent to conduct product testing and environmental reviews for commerical products in China. The printing industry certification’s goal is to reduce the environmental impact and increase the social responsibility of the printing industry through certification, continuous improvement of sustainability and best practices within manufacturing operations.

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