Could you use an extra $99K for your Business?

Kodak’s Brad Kruchten notes that by using Sonora Plates, printers save 100% of the chemistry, water, energy and waste from plate making.

Hong Kong ‘s printing sector is one of the most highly developed in Asia. From its early roots as a cluster of family run printers, it has transformed itself to become one of the world’s largest printing centers. It’s a major reason many major international publishers of newspapers, magazines and books locate their regional offices here.

As the sector continues to innovate by investing in new printing technology, Kodak was honored to have an opportunity to sponsor and speak at the Hong Kong Graphic Arts Association’s most recent printing seminar. Brad Kruchten, President of Kodak’s Print Systems Division, addressed how new technology, like Sonora, is helping printers around the world improve efficiency and productivity in their operations, while yielding significant gains in their desire to be more sustainable.

Here’s a few interesting proof points Brad shared that make a compelling case for printers considering making the switch to process free plate making. First, by using SONORA, printers save 100% of the chemistry, water, energy and waste from plate making. In fact, Kodak estimates that SONORA plates could save the industry 6.2 million liters of plate developer in three years. What does all this mean to your bottom line? Well, we estimate that the average printer’s savings using SONORA Plates is about $8,255/month or $99K annually. What would you do with an extra $99K to reinvest in your business? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.