Four Sustainability Lessons for Printers from the Sonoran Desert

Kodak’s Pam Patterson, Worldwide Product Marketing Manager for Plates & Sustainability recently posted a great piece after attending the GreenBiz Forum in Phoenix, Arizona. She discusses the state of sustainability in business today and the opportunities it brings for the printing sector.  Below is an excerpt from her post on the One Blog and a link to the full piece hereSonoran_Desert_620X0

Last week I spent three enlightening days at the GreenBiz Forum in Phoenix, Arizona. One of my roles here at Kodak is to show printers how they can reduce their environmental impact by using process free plates in their offset printing operations, and I went to the GreenBiz Forum to learn about the state of sustainability in business today and bring back some lessons for Kodak and the printing industry.

It was fitting that the event took place in Phoenix, the largest city in the Sonoran Desert !

The forum was incredibly informative, full of case studies from companies that are creating new best practices around sustainability and workshops that tackled the big challenges like water scarcity, supply chains, and employee engagement.

Here are four of the takeaways that I found most interesting and applicable to the printing industry.