Kodak and SPPC Expand Collaboration to Inspire Next Generation of Printing Industry Professionals

21_CeremonyThe Shanghai Publishing and Printing College (SPPC) was established in 1953 as the first center of education dedicated to the printing and publishing sector. Its influence on the industry’s development over the past 60 years has been significant. The schools training facilities, printing labs, and investment in first-rate printing technology has turned out over 50,000 graduates who enter the workforce with a strong technical foundation and excellent business management skills.

Kodak’s relationship with the SPPC began in 2010, when the school invested in a KODAK FLEXCEL NX Digital Flexographic System, making it the first installation in China. This investment continues the school’s longstanding commitment to equip students with the capabilities to excel in one of the world’s most dynamic printing markets. As China’s packaging sector continues to expand and brands demand more creative packaging solutions, the FLEXCEL System is exposing students to a range of new applications that will shift what’s possible well into the future. Besides that, Kodak’s leading inkjet printing solutions are also under consideration of SPPC’s new investment to teach their students.

At last month’s All in Print Tradeshow in Shanghai, Kodak deepened its collaboration with the SPCC with the signing of the “New Technology Innovations” partnership. The program officially kicked off on December 10th at SPPC’s campus, where Lois Lebegue delivered a keynote speech to over 200 students. As part of the partnership, Kodak and SPPC will develop a curriculum designed to expand the students’ understanding and working knowledge of the latest advances in digital printing, packaging, security and workflow solutions.

Lois Lebegue remarked: “Our long-term cooperation with the SPPC is a wonderful way for Kodak to make a meaningful and long lasting impact on China’s printing sector. We are excited to be part of the schools mission to equip the next generation of printing sector leaders with the skills and technical know-how to help them thrive in a rapidly changing marketplace. ”

SPPC students will also be eligible to apply for Kodak China’s Internship Program. The immersive program will give them the opportunity to rotate through some of Kodak’s key departments, including services, marketing, HR and the company’s new Asia Pacific Technology Center. And to encourage more students to consider careers in the printing sector, Kodak is also establishing a “Kodak Scholarship” program that will provide financial aid to aspiring SPPC applicants.