Driving volume through our existing install bases helps both Kodak and Our customers – See How

high-volume_printingPrint volume increases for our existing base of products that was established prior to 2013 are critical to our overall corporate financial performance.  Although we often hear about product-based solutions being installed in customer sites, we need to celebrate the consumables, annuities and service that are generated by our existing install base.

  • Prosper print volume increased more than 30% in 2013 with more than 80% of our Prosper customers experiencing that growth
  • Flexcel NX plate volume increased in double digits in 2013
  • Nexpress print volumes increased from presses delivering the best financial performance year ever

So “Thank You !” to all of the Sales, Marketing, Business Development,  Service & Support, Customer Service, and other employees who spend a great deal of your time thinking about how to increase “Same Device Print Growth” with our current customers – this drives the Lifetime Value of our customers which is so critical to our overall success. 

Enabling “Same Device Print Growth” is critical to both our customer and DP&E success.  DP&E success, at its core, is driven by the profitable growth of our customers.  We succeed when our customers grow and succeed.   We all understand the importance of enabling our customers’ growth via their purchase of new and innovative Kodak solutions.  However, enabling volume growth on existing solutions or devices is equally important.

For those who haven’t necessarily thought this way in the past, today is a great time to start. Think about how we can help our customer win that next big job.   If that next big job is not on the horizon, perhaps we can improve our customers’ operating efficiency and cost by helping the customer move his existing work from our competitors’ device to our own device.  (Yes, we enjoy doing this !)

Service & Support employees are often in a great position of trust with our customers, based on years of providing outstanding technical support and often having developed great personal relationships.  Ask your customer what we need to do to earn incremental volume on the Kodak equipment he already owns.  Perhaps we can spend time with an operator to make him more comfortable with the operation of our device.  Perhaps we can help the customer resolve a certain capacity constraint that has prevented him from putting more work on our device.  Or perhaps we can solve a workflow issue that enables a new set of jobs to be printed with our technology.

Kodak is also open to customize unique annuity offerings and pricing where significant volume-building situations are available.  Note these cases should be reviewed by the WW Price Desk if they fall outside our established pricing floors.

Lastly, if you see a volume-building situation where you think we can help, drop us an email @ marketingapr@kodak.com.  We enjoy helping in these situations.

Happy Volume Building! 

— by Art Gable, Director Consumables & Service VP DPE