Managing Color Should Be As Easy As Driving



Color matters. It matters to the designers you work with and to the clients you serve because ultimately, as buyers, color influences our decision to pick up that magazine or box of cereal from the store shelf, to open that envelope that came in the mail, etc. Unfortunately, for many print service providers, delivering accurate, consistent color is still a huge challenge. Press-to-proof alignment—spot color accuracy—press-to-press consistency—and other color-related issues can cause delays, spoilage and rework, and have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Color management should be similar to driving, where someone can get into a car and, regardless of that car’s make, model or style, that person should be able to maneuver it fairly easily. That consistency is what we want to bring to color management in printing—enabling prepress staff to work on any stage of the color process with little user ramp-up time. And that’s why we’ve joined forces with the International Color Consortium (ICC), the worldwide authoritative body in setting color industry standards. Because it matters to us too.

The world as we know it is getting smaller as a result of technology. At the same time, and to a large extent as a result of all of this technology, the printing industry is changing. Knowing how to manage color across distributed operations, and deliver a consistent product to the end client—regardless of the printing technology or the materials used for the job—may be just the thing print providers need to leave their competitors behind (or in their rear-view mirror, so to speak).

KODAK COLORFLOW Software brings this consistency and flexibility to color management. It’s an all-in-one solution for managing, tracking and controlling color throughout your workflow, eliminating the need to switch between multiple different tools. And it’s tightly integrated within KODAK PRINERGY Workflow: operators simply choose the print condition and run the job. If color changes on a device or a press (a change in paper or inks, for example), COLORFLOW Software adjusts the color across your many devices automatically!ColorFlow_diagram_horizontal

But don’t just take it from me. Here’s what a couple of our customers had to say:

“Before, we had to physically go around to each device to try to get color consistent. Now, we have COLORFLOW Software automatically doing everything across the board—inkjet proofers, digital halftone proofers, web presses…everything is dialed in to G7 standards. We’re saving a lot of time and money in makereadies by coming up to color more quickly.”
—Andy Manning, Vice President of Operations, DG3 North America
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“Our critical proofs are now matching at press. When we go to press, we’re pretty close on that first pull. The color comes right up and it’s balanced. Make-ready times are at least 25% faster than they used to be, and the color is so much better. Our customers want full, rich colors without losing details, and really refined midtones. COLORFLOW Software allows us to achieve that level right out of the gate.”
—Steve Carlson, Operations Manager, Prisma Graphic
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William Li Co-chair of the ICC
Worldwide Color Technology Manager, KODAK Unified Workflow Solutions