Veepee Arts Opens New Customer Opportunities with Flexcel NX

Bangalore’s VEEPEE ARTS, a family run business for over 50 years and a pioneer in India’s printing industry, has chosen Kodak’s Flexcel NX to serve the evolving flexographic print application needs of its customers, including label printing, corrugation and board printing. VeePee Arts’ Jai Prakash, said, “The Kodak Flexcel NX System offers us the distinct advantage of true “flat-top dots” – a standard that the industry increasingly desires. Kodak SquareSpot imaging technology powers the advantage of producing very high-quality imaging. Not only does it boost the final output, but also leads to a faster plate-making process.”

Here are a few other reasons printers like Veepee Arts choose Flexcel NX:

Key Reasons Printers Choose Flexcel NX




China’s Dynamic Printing Market

The impressive growth story of the All-in-Print China trade show, which kicks off at the Shanghai Expo Center on November 14th, reflects the health and vigor of China’s burgeoning printing sector. From the show’s debut in 2003, the number of exhibitors has grown from 480 to over 800 while the number of attendees has increased by 15% annually, to top out at over 100,000 in 2014. Today, China is the world’s second largest printing market, with output exceeding one trillion yuan (US $160M) and employing over 3.4 million people. All in PrintIt’s not only the size of the market that is interesting. The innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of China’s printing sector continues to get stronger every year.  Kodak is proud to be working with a range of leading printers that are spearheading entirely new printing models, like Print-on-Demand book publishing, variable data printing for newspapers and anti-counterfeiting measures in the pharmaceutical sector. The market is also taking strides to become more environmentally sustainable, a priority for China’s major printing associations. At the show, Kodak will honor Beijing Shengtong Printing Co. as the winner of the inaugural SONORA Plate Green Leaf Award for the Asia-Pacific region.

We will be showcasing this terrific work at our 200 square meter booth (#W1-B431) at the Expo center. But, we’re also taking a fresh approach to demonstrate Kodak’s latest technology innovations and winning applications for the commercial print, publishing and packaging sectors. A complimentary Kodak shuttle bus will transport participants to Kodak’s new Asia Pacific Technology Center to experience live demos of Kodak printing technology and see how it can be applied to grow their business, reduce operating costs and help them become more sustainable. It’s an exciting time to be in China, and we’re honored to have the opportunity to contribute to this dynamic market’s growth!

Small Brands, Big Profits With Smart Packaging

"In this era where vast resources and heavy advertising play increasingly critical roles in generating a competitive advantage, creating a level playing field on the store shelf, at the point of sale, can make all the difference to a small or local brand."

“In this era where vast resources and heavy advertising play increasingly critical roles in generating a competitive advantage, creating a level playing field on the store shelf, at the point of sale, can make all the difference to a small or local brand.”


Kodak’ s Michael Bialko shared some great insights for how brands, whether big or small, can stand out at the crucial point of sale with great packaging. Consumer goods providers need to partner with packaging suppliers who fully understand how labels and packaging establish, enhance, and reinforce the brand, driving engagement and personal identification. You can read his full article online at Manufacturing Business Technology.



Packaging sector continues to develop exciting innovations

Last month Kodak participated in the Asian Flexible Packaging Conference (AFTA) in Manila. As we all know, the country is dealing with the devastating aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, so it was certainly no small effort on the part of the AFTA organizers to ensure the conference could be held. It’s just one of the many examples of the incredible resolve of the people of the Philippines.

Kodak showcases a range of consumer packaging examples at AFTA

Kodak showcases a range of consumer packaging examples at AFTA

Over 200 participants attended the conference to share, learn and discuss the many innovations happening across the packaging sector. We were very honored to count some of our customers as award winners, including Kodak Flexel NX users: Letra Graphics India (Gold Award) and TPN Flexpack of Thailand (Gold & Silver Awards).

An area that continues to attract quite a bit of attention is the work Kodak is doing in the functional printing space, which includes smarter packaging and the development of touch screens for smartphones and tablets. On the “smart packaging” front, Kodak is currently developing applications that span active packaging, electronic packaging, and brand protection. Imagine food packaging with printed sensors that provide a range of useful information, like if the carton of milk has been out of the fridge for too long to safely consume.

Kodak is also beginning to develop the capabilities to help reduce the cost of touchscreens and even make them flexible and foldable. This new method would combine our printing capabilities and extensive intellectual capital in the material sciences space. Currently, touch screens are produced using a very rare metal called indium. As part of the new process, Kodak will produce touch screen sensors using our silver halide technology. You can read more about this interesting new market at Kodak’s Touch Screen Sensors page.

For more information on Kodak Packaging Solutions, contact Vidhu Gautam, RBM APR, Email:

An exciting future in store for package printing


Kodak's Doug Edwards and Bing Wang address delegates at the  Flexo Association of China's Annual conference

Kodak’s Doug Edwards and Bing Wang address delegates at the Flexo Association of China’s Annual conference

Kodak’s Doug Edwards was recently in China for the Flexo Association’s Annual Meeting to talk about the future of flexography in package printing.  He noted that over the past five years, the packaging market has grown from $237B to $307B with emerging markets like China powering this expansion. Today, Flexo printing comprises 39% of the packaging printing market and is growing at a rate of 2-4% per year. Doug attributes Flexo’s increasing share of the market to some of the big improvements in technology, including Kodak’s Squarespot technology, which delivers improved tonal reproduction and excellent print stability across a range of packaging substrates.  Looking into the future of packaging, Doug discussed the opportunity to create a range of innovative new packaging applications, including, smart packaging embedded with sensors and printing solutions that are enabling greater brand protection.  Imagine food packaging that could tell consumers if a bag of food had been out of the refrigerator too long.   To learn more about Kodak’s solutions for smart packaging and brand protection, visit

Kodak customers rack up 23 Awards at FTA Flexography Awards.

A big congratulations to all of our customers from from North America, Europe, Japan and Australia who took home a  total of 23 awards in six categories for  eye-catching jobs produced with KODAK FLEXCEL NX Plates at 2013 Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) Excellence in Flexography Awards.    Kodak customers also claimed three of the seven coveted overall “Best of Show” honors for their outstanding projects. Flexel

One of the trends noted by judges is that today’s technology is helping flexographic printing achieve photorealistic quality. Many of them indicated that flexography is continuing to rival and even surpass offset, gravure, and digital print processes.  Photos and information about all the winners can be found in the May issue of FLEXO magazine at


Kodak connects with customers at Label Expo India

Label expo India 2012 is the largest event for the label, web printing and converting industry in South Asia.

Kodak showcased its strength in packaging solutions at the show with a focus on Prepress and Digital Flexo NX plates for flexographic printing, along with its offset and proofing solution.

One of the key solutions that were highlighted at the show was the Kodak Flexcel NX System.  Read more about our presence at Label Expo in:


PrintWeek: An interview with Kodak CEO Antonio Perez

Kodak’s CEO Antonio Perez had the opportunity to sit down last week with PrintWeek Magazine to talk in-depth about the challenges and great opportunities that lie ahead for Kodak.

You can read the full article online at PrintWeek, but here’s a key statement from our CEO that stands out, in reference to a question about the road out of Chapter 11:

“I can’t even tell you the amount of calls I got from CEOs asking what was going on because the press has presented this (Chapter 11) like it was the demise of Kodak, which was wrong to do.

The best arguments I can give you that it has not effected the brand are two-fold. One is suppliers. Suppliers normally shy away from companies that are in Chapter 11 and they don’t want to serve them or they ask the companies to pay them upfront. But that didn’t happen to us. We are paying basically very close to the same terms as before we filed.

The second is customers – we saw at the beginning that for big deals, customers requested to talk to me, which sometime they used to [before Chapter 11] but most of the time they didn’t. So for the first few months they wanted to talk to me and make sure we were going to be around. But after we showed at Drupa these 10 incredible introductions – as well as the 40 other booths with our technology – that kind of disappeared. People could see that it was business as usual and we haven’t seen any issues since.”

Kodak wins three awards at Graph Expo 2012

It’s always nice to receive recognition by your industry peers. Kodak was just awarded three “Must See Em’s” awards by Graph Expo 2012 for our digital printing, workflow and packaging solutions.

The products that were awarded include:

  • KODAK NEXPRESS Gold Dry Ink: a gold metallic sparkle effect using a gold-tinted Dry Ink for applications such as direct mail, certificates, photos, tickets and many others. Customers can create different variations of gold-toned tints or different effects by putting combinations of process colors underneath the gold.
  • KODAK INSITE Prepress Portal System, version 6.5 is a web-based management system that makes it easier for print buyers, prepress operators, and service representatives to submit jobs, proof and approve work, track progress, and collaborate on changes. The latest version includes an application that allows users to do so from an Apple iPad tablet.
  • KODAK FLEXCEL Direct System uses innovative, energy-efficient, high-power laser engraving to produce superior quality press-ready elastomer sleeves with increased production throughput. The system makes affordable, high-quality, in the round flexo sleeve production a reality and demonstrates Kodak’s ongoing commitment to deliver truly differentiated solutions into the packaging segment.

If you would like to learn more about Kodak’s presence and activities at Graph Expo, please visit or booth #1221.



Kodak’s Chris Payne Speaks with PrintWeek about Kodak’s Commercial Focus

Following the recent announcement Kodak made about sale of our Personal and Document Imaging Business, Chris Payne, Kodak’s vice President of commercial marketing spent time with PrintWeek Magazine to provide additional context around the company’s focus on commercial printing.  You can link to the full interview with Chris by going to PrintWeek.

Here’s an excellent quote from Chris that clearly shows why Kodak will continue to be a leader in the commercial sector:

 “The market is changing and we believe there is a very good long-term opportunity not only for where we are today but for as we move our business forward.  We had a very good drupa—the response from customers to our technologies, our products and solutions was better than we thought. It’s very clear that we have a lot of things that we can offer to our customers that drive value to their business.”