Creating new opportunities for newspaper publishers

Nearly 400 media and publishing executives from across 29 countries recently met in Hong Kong at WAN-IFRA’s Publish Asia 2014 conference. Facing a rapidly changing environment driven by new technologies, the conference focused on how the print media business can re-invent itself. A key to this change centers on how successfully publishers can adapt their business models to remain relevant in this challenging, but dynamic environment.

Kodak's Evandro Matteucci discusses the range of new business applications publishers are developing to stay competitive in a rapidly changing media market.

Kodak’s Evandro Matteucci discusses the range of new business applications publishers are developing to stay competitive in a rapidly changing media market.

Kodak’s Evandro Matteucci had the opportunity to speak at the conference to discuss how Kodak is helping its customers grow their businesses by combing the right technologies with smart business strategies. A key insight he brought forward was the need for publisher’s to play on their inherent strengths to help them increase circulation and advertising revenues.

For example, a number of international news dailies from across the world are finding creative ways to attract new readers through interactive gaming and contests at the newsstand. The results have been impressive. A popular daily newspaper in China saw a significant jump in circulation and revenue after deploying a strategy using hybrid-printing technology –Kodak Prosper—to insert unique bar codes for a lucky draw. The right investment in technology seamlessly integrated into existing offset equipment not only engaged readers, but opened up new opportunities to attract advertisers.

Creative Print Advertising


McDonalds print ad featuring a box of fries carved out of a potato

While the growth of digital media has certainly impacted print-advertising revenues, there is no question it’s still a very important medium for brands to connect with their customers.

At Kodak, we’ve been meeting with a lot of publishing customers to help them understand how new printing technologies are helping to transform print into a more dynamic and engaging platform for brands. We found this collection of creative print-advertising campaigns extremely inspiring and further proof that print is still very much a powerful medium.



2014 Korea Kick Off Meeting

In mid of February, the Kodak team in Korea including sales, marketing, management team of 14 channel partners and its key customers convened in a Kick Off meeting held at the Grand Hilton Seoul in Korea to start the year by aligning on printing market situation and directions for 2014 as well as, equipping the team with business skills on how to optimize opportunity with Kodak solution in each of the sessions; Sonora XP, New CTP & UWS, Hybrid printing, NexPress Gold solution and Flexcel NX for Packaging. Key resource speakers were experts from Kodak Korea.

Korea team did celebrating CTP deal of 2014 with channel & end user and provide useful success stories & samples to participants.Contract

An exciting future in store for package printing


Kodak's Doug Edwards and Bing Wang address delegates at the  Flexo Association of China's Annual conference

Kodak’s Doug Edwards and Bing Wang address delegates at the Flexo Association of China’s Annual conference

Kodak’s Doug Edwards was recently in China for the Flexo Association’s Annual Meeting to talk about the future of flexography in package printing.  He noted that over the past five years, the packaging market has grown from $237B to $307B with emerging markets like China powering this expansion. Today, Flexo printing comprises 39% of the packaging printing market and is growing at a rate of 2-4% per year. Doug attributes Flexo’s increasing share of the market to some of the big improvements in technology, including Kodak’s Squarespot technology, which delivers improved tonal reproduction and excellent print stability across a range of packaging substrates.  Looking into the future of packaging, Doug discussed the opportunity to create a range of innovative new packaging applications, including, smart packaging embedded with sensors and printing solutions that are enabling greater brand protection.  Imagine food packaging that could tell consumers if a bag of food had been out of the refrigerator too long.   To learn more about Kodak’s solutions for smart packaging and brand protection, visit

What’s Next Start’s Now

We are very pleased to share some great news.  Kodak announced globally on September 3rd its Emergence from Chapter 11 Restructuring.  The new Kodak, is a B2B organization focused on Commercial Imaging addressing the Packaging, Commercial Print, Newspaper & Publishing, Functional Printing and Enterprise Services Segments.  See global press release here.

The new Kodak emerges as a leaner, more profitable and focused organization, right sized for the market place and to serve our customers in Asia.   During our transformation we never stopped investing in technology and innovation. Now with our combined portfolio of 7500 active patents in the Commercial Imaging Space, we have even more strength to continue to deliver superior technologies, solutions and services across our pre press and digital portfolios with one simple purpose: to create new business models that help our customers grow their businesses profitably.   

We are truly excited about building our future success together with our customers. What’s Next Start’s Now!      


China’s pharmaceutical packaging regulations bring new opportunities for Jinan Hongjinlong

Jinan Hongjinlong has been producing pharamaceutical packaging for 15 years. With new requirements from the government, Jinan Hongjinlong needed to integrate security and tracking features onto their existing packaging. The Kodak Versamark D Series imprinting systems delivers the speed, quality and small font/point size needed for the security and barcoding features.